The Gherkin, London - Thursday 20th September 2018
The HR Revolution: People Analytics
In recent years, market-leading companies across multiple industries have been undergoing a quiet revolution, spearheaded by a new breed of visionary HR professionals. What they have done, has fundamentally changed how their organisations approach the measurement, management and understanding of the true value derived from their people. What they have understood, are some simple but highly compelling truths about their businesses, and how they can play a pivotal role in moving those companies from good to best-in-class. Their journeys all began with the same shared insights:

- As technology provides access to innovations more quickly and cheaply than ever before, true competitive differentiation can only be built and safeguarded through an organisation's People
- As People are also the largest cost item to most businesses, the workforce is increasingly being seen as a core strategic consideration for the C-suite.
- As competitive pressure requires organisations to get best value from all their assets across the business, companies routinely use data analysis to thoroughly examine purchasing and operational decisions to optimize their investments. What would happen if People decisions could be approached in the same way?
- Early adopters have demonstrated that those companies that make data-driven decisions about their people achieve higher stock performance, higher gross margins, and a better return on equity than those that don't
- Yet most organisations still limit themselves to the commonly monitored HR metrics that do very little to deliver true insight into the workforce and its impact on the business, because the business is not yet familiar with what could be done ...
- So to demonstrably drive better business outcomes, HR should embrace and accelerate "datafication" in its domain, through adopting People Analytics

In this interactive breakfast session you will hear first-hand from one of the early adopting organisations of People Analytics and share the journey they made along with some of the insights and best practices around what they have learned, and where they are heading. You will also gain a brief overview of what is possible to achieve "out-of-the-box" with a demonstration of the market-leading People Analytics solution, Visier People.


  • 08.15 Registration - Refreshments & Networking
  • 08.45 Welcome and introduction
    Tyler Haws, VP EMEA, Visier
  • 08.50 Case Study - People Analytics in practice, peer practitioner presentation from a top FTSE/Fortune 100 enterprise
    Dominic Podmore, Head of HR Information Systems, AngloAmerican
  • 09.30 Q&A
  • 09.40 Demonstration of Visier People
    Joe Honess, Senior Solution Consultant, Visier
  • 10.00 Further Q&A and concluding comments
  • 10.10 Coffee & Networking
  • 10.30 Close
Dominic Podmore
Head of HR Information Systems
  Tyler Haws
Joe Honess
Senior Solution Consultant






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