The Gherkin, London - Tuesday 17th July 2018

Why do seemingly similar businesses thrive, whilst others fail?

There are a host of reasons, but often you can follow it back to an inability to respond quickly and effectively to change.

Now with more organisation-wide responsibilities, such as supporting the board to set a clear vision and goals and then developing managers to implement the changes with minimal disruption and all this whilst recruiting and retaining the best talent possible, the role of HR is undoubtedly becoming more strategic.

So how do you manage people effectively through change?

Our belief and experiences are that 'thinking' is the differentiator between an organisation that just survives and an organisation that thrives.

21 years of experience in over 40 countries tells us that HR leaders often don't know where to start when looking to improve the 'thinking' effectiveness of their workforce. Getting this wrong can be devastating but getting it right leads to many more benefits than perhaps first expected; yes - improved productivity, but also more engaged employees, greater talent retention and development, innovation and ultimately a solution focused culture.

So where do you start?

During the briefing you'll hear from Dr Ruth Briel MB BS MRCPsych, Senior Clinical Director at Tees Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust. They have a workforce of some 6,700 people supporting a patient population of 1.67 million and an annual operating income of £300 million. She'll be explaining how the Trust had a vision to develop an approach that encapsulates the psychological, behavioural and contextual elements of successful and healthy change at individual, team and organisational levels.

To achieve this, they set out to develop a workforce culture where staff can reflect on their own thoughts, problem solve and make more effective decisions for themselves and with the people they work with. This culture is being introduced through 'coaching conversations', in which team members use a common solution focused language, tools and techniques to support themselves and others in a very challenging and constantly changing workplace.

This workshop will stimulate your thinking about how you might approach transformation in your organisation, through equipping and empowering your people to 'think' more effectively. On the day you will be introduced to a framework that can be used in the Boardroom to support strategy and then with front line staff to improve productivity and help you lead your people through change in a clear and consistent way. It will be practical, interactive and we guarantee that by using our tools on the day, you will leave with brand new ideas, more clarity and something useful to share with your peers and team.

We look forward to seeing you.


  • 08.00 Registration - Refreshments & Networking
  • 08.30 Welcome and introduction
  • 08.35 Thinking Effectiveness using ropes
  • 09.00 Case Study - Ruth Briel - Senior Clinical Director, Tees Esk and Wears Valley NHS Trust - transformational change through 'coaching conversations'
  • 09.30 Q&A
  • 09.55 Experiencing the power of questions
  • 10.25 Play your cards right for breakthroughs in thinking
  • 10.45 Close


Dr Ruth Briel
Senior Clinical Director
Tees Esk and Wears Valley NHS Trust



Andy Gilbert
Managing Director
Go MAD Thinking

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