The Gherkin, London - Thursday 26th September (08.15 - 10.45)

In the era of 'big data' many HR professionals are feeling the pressure to provide proof that their practices work. Organisations around the world are deploying people analytics teams and tools to create evidence to improve the way decisions are made about their people. Now, HR has a massive opportunity to demonstrate the value it adds to the delivery of business objectives.

With technology, HR teams can access data from many sources and provide predictive insights that will positively impact the delivery of the business strategy. So HR can now demonstrate its role as a value driver and create a direct line of sight between what it does and the delivery of strategic objectives.

In this interactive breakfast session you will learn:

* What types of decisions/questions organisations are improving using people analytics
* What type of change management tactics organisations should consider driving behavioural change and adoption
* How to think about the value and change management required for success in their organisations


  • 08.15 Registration - Refreshments & Networking
  • 08.50 Welcome and introduction
    Tyler Haws, VP EMEA, Visier
  • 08.50 Improving HR decision making using evidence
    Nigel Dias, Managing Director, 3n Strategy
  • 09.30 Panel Discussion - Orchestrating the journey of making better decisions with evidence
    Experian Panel Members:
    Tom Shaw, Global Head of Talent & Diversity
    Olly Britnell, Global Head of Workforce Analytics & HR Strategy
    Kevin Metherell, Innovations Lead, Global Workforce Analytics

  • 10.00 Demonstration of Visier People
    Joe Honess, Senior Solution Consultant, Visier
  • 10.20 Further Q&A and concluding comments
  • 10.30 Coffee & Networking
  • 10.45 Close
Tyler Haws
Nigel Dias
Managing Director
3n Strategy
Joe Honess
Senior Solution Consultant


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