The Gherkin, London - Thursday 7th February 2019

There is currently widespread re-thinking of performance management driven by a desire for stronger organisational performance. Rapid changes have been implemented including removing ratings, ditching objectives, and even abandoning annual appraisals. Yet there are already signs of buyer's remorse, and the re-instating of some scrapped aspects of performance management.

Come and explore what is happening, alongside a great new methodology to help you re-think how your organisation can use performance management to turn strategy into action.

1. What works in practice
A look at data-driven case studies - what is actually working in today's performance management, and how different types of organisations are successfully using very different approaches. Why won't one size fit all, and how can you find a solution for your situation?

2. Applying the ideas - the Performance Management Canvas™
Your chance to explore The Performance Management Canvas in practice - and see if you can capture what is happening in performance management in your organisation on just one page. A great tool for helping your colleagues think through all the options and implications of making changes to the performance management processes you are using.

3. Q&A session with Aruj Haider, Head of Organisational Development at Westminster City Council
Through a Q&A session, Aruj will share what she has learnt from the last two years of re-thinking performance management, and how she has engaged a new CEO along with the entire workforce with her ideas. Aruj has also offered to share some of the data showing the impact her radically transformed approach is making.

This free-to-attend breakfast briefing has been designed to be valuable, informative and enjoyable. We do hope that you can join us.


  • 08.00 Registration - refreshments & networking
  • 08.30 Welcome and Introduction
  • 08.35 Evidence for what works and how to apply it in your organisation
    Hedda Bird, Founder, 3C Performance Management
  • 09.30 Q&A - Westminster City Council's Aruj Haider (Head of Organisational Development)
  • 10.00 Taking the ideas from today back to your organisation - round table
  • 10.15 Open discussion and shared experiences
  • 10.30 Close

Aruj Haider
Head of Organisational Development
Westminster City Council
Hedda Bird
3C Performance Management


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