Creating a culture that engages high performing employees and helps to attract and develop the best talent, is arguably the single most important challenge to any organisation. Transforming HR capabilities to better align with corporate objectives has now become a real strategic priority, so HR leadership is moving to centre stage.

Priorities now coming to the fore for many HR leaders include: identifying where added-value can be delivered; anticipating future strategic needs; navigating and embedding change; achieving a balance between operational and strategic HR; and importantly, harnessing digital technologies that underpin so many of these new opportunities.

Adopting innovative technologies helps HR to become leaner, innovative and more strategic, thereby anticipating the future and nurturing a high performance and supportive workplace culture. The cloud, social media and data analytics enable HR leaders to transform the human resources function, from traditional back-office support to front-line strategic services. And a new generation of mobile apps are transforming performance management and introducing personalised learning. So the use of smart technologies is critically important in the quest to create a culture that engages high performing employees and helps to attract and develop the best talent.

The HR Leadership Exchange is a programme of networking events, breakfast briefings and workshops, focused around HR transformation and designed for those needing to keep abreast of developing HR trends and innovations and who value opportunities to share best practice with their peers.

The programme is focused on the challenges involved in transforming HR and delivering successful initiatives in areas such as: performance management, staff engagement; leadership development; and business insight.

Participants invariably find that the experience and peer interaction to be very valuable, both in terms of gaining knowledge and new perspectives, as well as strengthening their professional network and also gaining CPD credits. Testimonials